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Related post: Date: Thu, 28 little models cp Jan 1999 09:43:17 PST From: Luke Jones Subject: RAINY DAY LOVE This is a story of sex between nn oriental models two teenagers. It was inspired by a very rainy day in NYC. This is fiction, nobody's getting any STD without the author's approval. Life ain't like that, be careful. Comments welcomed: It was one of those cold dreary Sundays in NYC that everyone uses as an excuse to stay in bed; and Adam was no exception. He pulled the covers tighter, snuggled down further and tried to sleep. He was grateful his grandmother hadn't bothered fantastic teen models him about going to church that morning. He had heard her leave and figured she would be gone all day. He knew fashion teen models her schedule - first she got picked up and rode from kid model butt Manhattan to Brooklyn; diecast model toys then, she ate dinner after morning service, stayed for the evening service and finalle, got a ride back at night. He knew her schedule because naked models pictures he had done it with her so many times. Now that he was eighteen she let him miss a few Sundays, but not many. Actually he didn't mind it, because he had met Trevor at church, not to mention Andrew and Cory. That buxom bikini models was another reason Adam wanted to stay in bed - he and Cory had missed each other yesterday. Their plans were great, but somehow he went one way and Cory went the other. If there ever was true love, it was between he and Cory. asko old models They had finally hooked up by phone in the evening, but it was too late to get together for anything and Cory had to work on Sunday. Adam was singapore top models annoyed, he sexymodelssite had wanted to see Cory so badly, but it just wasn't to be. He tried not to think of what might have been, it would only get him all worked up and more horny erotic nn models than he was. He listened to the continual clatter of the rain against the window and tried to keep his thoughts from wandering to Cory, but it was difficult. At eighteen his body had a mind of its own and its mind was on sex, hot mansex. Adam was, at eighteen, 6'2'', 175lbs. He was wiry and main models teen tough. He was on the high school track team and his legs were long and muscled. He was a handsome dark complexioned black kid with short curly hair, thick ls model young black eyebrows, a neatly trimmed teen model gallaries mustache and loads of body hair. He was very friendly, always smiling and reaching out to super models bambi others so that he had a colombia toplist model lot of friends. Most of his friends were in the dark concerning his sexual orientation, but there a few who knew where his real interests lay. Finding partners was no problem for Adam, partly because he was handsome and friendly and partly because he nude punk models was rather agressive and straightforward. Adam turned over in the bed and started to reach for his long, hard cock. He figured fashion model anorexia he litte models would stroke it slowly, reach a powerful climax and then he would be able to get to sleep. Just as his hand grasped his tool he heard n n models someone yelling in the hallway. Adam was not the type to stand back and not help someone in trouble so he jumped out of bed, grabbed his robe black models senegal and ran to the door. He had already determined that the yelling was coming from someone who was on his floor and near his door. He looked through the eyehole but couldn't see anything so he cracked the amateur blog model door. The only one he saw was Carlos, a Hispanic teenager whose family had recently moved into the apartment across the floor. They hadn't formally met, but they knew each estella model other from the elevator and the lobby. They had smiled nudelittle models and nodded from time to time, and they knew each hot models sex other's name, but they had never really conversed. "Yo, whatzup with you, Carlos?" "Adam, ain't nobody openin' the door at my place. xxx model ads Sorry, man, didn't mean to disturb you. "How do you know their home, did you knock?" "Yeah, did all that. Nobody said anything about nn model 4chan goin' out." "You wanna come in and angel top model use the phone?" "Thanks, I'll try that." Carlos came in and called candid preeteen models his house. "No answer, their really out. I wonder what's goin' on?" "Dunno, btm teenmodel man. You can crash here if you want." "Thanks. Don't wanna disturb you, Adam, I mean, you sleepin' or something? Don't look like you got anything on fashion model under that robe." littlke models nonude "Peekin' kind hard ain't you, dude? You right, though, nothin' on." Adam smiled as he looked at the handsome teenager. "I'm always peekin' at somebody lookin' as good as you." Carlos grinned back at Adam who was chuckling at his last pubescent models pic comment and beginning to size up the situation. "I think I'm the one that oughta be peekin, you lingerie model naked the one lookin' nice, Carlos. Come on in, you can watch TV." "Rather watch you, dude." Carlos's grin got bigger as Adam began to realize what a teeny models 6yo tease this kid was. "Hey, Carlos, ain't you 'fraid to come on like that, I mean, I might alert all your homeboys about your proclivities." "Big word, man. Don't know about havin' any pro-cli-vi-ties or whatever, but I do know you nice and I like it. I been around, Adam. You ain't chubby glamour model gonna tell, I know you sexymodelsclub cool, jessimodel passwords man. You wouldn't do that to a dude, right?" "You right about that, Carlos, you can trust me. I'm just playin' with you, handsome." "You can play with me all you want, Adam." "Shit, man, you bikini model perfect too much!" "Listen, Adam, I been watchin' you ever since we moved in. I like your style. If this ain't you, fine, I'll just watch TV until my folks child models peteen come and I'm outta here. If it is, then we can get it on and have a good time. From the looks of that bulge in your robe, this is your thing." Carlos laughed girl model underwear as he looked down at Adam's crotch. Adam opened his robe and child model lalana let it slide off his slender frame. His cock, which was gradually lengthening, was beginning teen model blogs to drip precum. He smiled as Carlos started undressing. He watched the Hispanic teenager as he andi foot model removed each piece of clothing, all japanese swimsuit models the while keeping his eyes on Adam. Carlos was, at seventeen, 6' tall. He weighed about 180 pounds and was muscled in the right places. His pecs showed natural development and his biceps were beginning to bulge. nudes russiantop models Like, Adam, nude models elite his body was covered with black hair, only his was straight and Adam's was curly. Carlos had thick black hair which was cut short and complimented his grey eyes. lea model His cock, an inch shorter than Adam's, was eight inches and sticking straight out of lanakai bikini models a thick bush of black hair. Without young nake model any hesitation he walked into Adam's naked bikini models arms, put his lips to his and took his tongue into his mouth. Adam's tongue reached in and began dancing with Carlos'. Hands began roaming littel teen models and feeling in all the right places. Adam went straight for Carlos' ass mounds and grasped them gently, kneading them with his hands and outlining their shape with his fingers. He liked the feel of the teenager's body against chocolate model com his and pulled him in closer so that their xxx modeling agency dicks began pressing together. There was no music playing but their bodies were grinding together lilamber model kid in a way that nonude sandra model indicated a rhythmic flow. They stood there, lost in the flow of their bodies, tongues playing and thrashing, dicks pushing and pulling and hands caressing. Just as he felt himself reaching that plateau of feeling, Adam toplist of models stepped back, took a breath and looked into Carlos' eyes. "Man, you hot. Where you been all my life?" "Waitin',Adam. Been watchin' you for awhile, just hopin' that maybe, maybe. Shit, this is nice!" "You right about that, handsome! C'mon." Adam and Carlos picked up the clothes and moved into his bedroom. tinymodel nonude The room was semi-dark noel model because of the overcast sky and the drawn shades. Adam pulled Carlos to the bed and watched as he lay down, moving into the center. Adam lay down next to him and then sighed as Carlos climbed on top, and began grinding his pelvis into his. "Know what I like, Adam?" Carlos littlemelissa model had raised up and was value teen model looking at Adam, grinning, his eyes sparkling with a hint of gleeful mischief. "No, man. What you like, dude." Adam caught the hungarian tiny models playfulness nude littel model and grinned back at the handsome kid. "I like to fuck and be fucked. I like big black dicks. I like doin' it, man!" Carlos chuckled and kissed Adam gently. "Then you got just what you like, Carlos, you got it all. Whoa, man, you some hot shit!" Adam's hands nudist model art went back to Carlos jutting rump and patted it. Then he let his hands move up Carlos' back, caressing him gently, patting him and touching him erotically. With one hand he touched Carlos on the cheek, caressing him lovingly, and looking deep into his eyes while kissing him on the cheek, the neck and wherever else he could reach. Carlos just lay in his arms, enjoying the attention he was getting and loving the feel of their bodies pressing together. After awhile Adam moved out from under Carlos, turned him over on his stomach and got between his legs. He bent over and began kissing him on the neck, gradually easing his way down his back until he got to his asscheeks. With a hand on each cheek, he kneaded them, pushed them, and grasped mounds of flesh in his hands. Then he spread the cheeks and looked at the little hole deep in the hairy valley. This was the project planning model place he wanted to be. He bent over, put his head into the crack, whiffed the aroma and put his tongue to the hole. He licked it and assaulted it with his appendage, tasting the teenager as if he were a lollipop. He let his tongue lick back and forth over the hole, stopping sanrdra model board to push in and snake his tongue just inside his anus, setting him on fire with his oral attack. Carlos kept lifting his ass trying to get more of the hot tongue into his hungry hole and Adam kept it up, listening to Carlos' moans of passion as he tongued him deep. When he felt he had done enough, he raised up, looked at the beautifully teeny model nishimura jutting buns and then lay down on Carlos' back. Carlos felt the big bikini model underwater dick pressing into his asscrack and pushed back to meet asian models nude it. Adam began moving up and down on his back, letting his dick move along the crevice of the shapely ass teen model krystal below him. He looked down between their bodies and saw his dick head moving along the track of Carlos crack like a big black locomotive, dripping precum as it moved. Finally, he reached over to his nightstand and got the tube of lube, raising up, he squeezed some onto his hand and lubricated his thick shaft. "Spread those cheeks, man, I got get some stuff in there." Carlos reached around and pulled his asscheeks apart, revealing his little hole. Adam squeezed some lube into the hole and used his finger to spread it around. Then he grabbed his cock, put it in place and pushed in. He kept pushing until his rod was asain models teen firmly sheathed in the velvet passage. When he felt Adam lay down on his back, Carlos knew he had the entire shaft buried to the hilt in his hot ass. He squeezed his muscles to let Adam know he was ready and he smiled as Adam moaned in response. Adam took his time, he was in no rush as he humped into the slimy hole beneath him. teen model vlad He liked the feel of the tight passage with its slickness and heat. He started slowly but gained momentum as he went. He was pushing and pulling faster and faster as the tight hole beckoned him to an orgasmic encounter. Carlos had been right when he said he had been around, he knew how to squeeze and release with the best of them. His muscled anus gripped Adam's invading rod with every push and then released with every pull. Adam pushed, Carlos pulled, Carlos pushed, Adam pulled, they were moving together, flowing like one body, joined by a big black cock that wouldn't stop. The raindrops were hitting the window in a regular rhythm and Adam's cock was brushing against Carlos' prostate in the same kind of rhythm. It was pushing Carlos over an orgasmic threshold that he knew would be powerful. "Hot ass, hot ass!" Adam whispered into Carlos' ear. "Shit, man, this is jood! Fuck meeeeeeeee! Yeah!" "Get ready for my stuff, man, you gonna get it all, baby!" Adam knew he was about to shoot his load. He was slamming in card model train a frenzy, his snakelike dick reaching in and pulling out in teen undearwear models quick jabs. "Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Carlosssssssssssss!" Adam came first, his dick emptying one load after another into the depths of Carlos' being. "Adammmmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh shittttttttttttttt!" Carlos' cock stiffened and then blew its load, messing up the sheets with his sticky cum. They cleaned up the bed and themselves and lay back down. Carlos lay back and listened to the raindrops and then turned to Adam. "Hey, man, it's models youngi my turn, right?" Carlos was holding his hard dick, stroking it smart teen model gently. "I was wondering what sandra model masturbation you were waiting for." Adam smiled and handed Carlos the lube. This time Adam lay on his back with his preeteen bikini model knees against his chest and Carlos on top of him. Carlos pushed his lubed cock in slowly, taking his time, hot youngest models making sure he got every inch in before he started humping. Once in, he waited for Adam to adjust and then began his assault on his hot ass. Just as Adam had done, he took his time. He used his position to power fuck his handsome black friend with deep strokes that plowed cindymodels through his tight tunnel like a train on a mission. Every stroke touched the right spot and got a moaning response from preteeen model sandra Adam. He held Carlos tightly in his arms, raised his tight masterbating teen models ass and received his offering of hard cock. "Oh, man, this is one sweet tight ass." arii model Carlos had raised up and was looking down at his cock as zoeymodel rapidshare it eased into the narrow opening. He had also slowed down. He was pulling all altantuya model the way out, looking at the distended hole and then pushing back in, but he was teen model sisters doing it in slow motion. alvarez homes model He was humping from the hips, his body leaning forward underware girls modeling as his arms held Adam's legs far apart. This slow motion fuck enabled him to last even model kailyn nude longer and give more pleasure. When he got ready he resumed slamming, ready to go all the way. "Get ready, dude. I'm gonna pics young model fill your hot ass like you filled mine." "I'm ready, man. Do it, yeah, do it!" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh shittttttttttttttt!" "My Goddddddddddddddd, Carlosssssssssssssssss!" Both teenagers came, shuddering and little alfasex models moaning as they erupted again and again. When it was over they lay topless teenmodel 14yo in the bed under the covers pretean nude modeles enjoying the feel kid photo littlegirlsmodels of their warm bodies together. snadra model preview Carlos wasn't runway models nude interested in when his family was coming home, he had found something bikini models 2007 better to do on a top girles models rainy day. Adam had momentarily forgotten about Cory and his grandmother. He liked rainy days, especially when they brought little surprises like hot Carlos and ford modeling child his beautiful body.
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